Spring Update from Paul Associates

Good Afternoon Board Members!

Paul Associates has undergone many changes over the last year to include system improvements and processes in order to better serve our communities.  We have received feedback from Board Members via surveys that were sent out in February.  If you have not yet completed a survey, the survey is still available for submission.  If you did not see a survey, please check your spam folder for an email from Survey Monkey (link to survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/W63SSXM).  The surveys are a valuable tool for us to assess current procedures and implement new ones, if necessary.

2018 Recap

  • New Software – Paul Associates has changed property management systems to streamline many of its processes.  If any Board Member is interested in a remote training session, please email info@paulassociatesinc.com for scheduling.

  • Community Websites – We have launched system integrated websites to offer Owners and Board Members resources at their fingertips (Document Library, Online Calendars, Directories, Online Payments by eCheck or credit card (with fee), Board Invoice Approvals, and so much more).

  • Online Renovation Requests – Board Members may now vote on renovation or ARC requests online which will save time in Board Meetings, and generate approval or denial letters to the Owner. Custom Online forms may also be developed for your community.

  • Custom Violations – If you wish to have Paul Associates send out violations letters, we need a list of violations for your community, so that we may track those and any fees or fines associated with them.  You may then track all violations online under the Board Overview tab.  Without this set up, we cannot dispatch a vendor to inspect properties for violations; only for work orders.

  • Customer Service Department – Our Customer Service Department, managed by Susan Gilberti, tracks all owner-related correspondence and calls within our office.  This alleviates the day-to-day burden that might otherwise be placed onto the Property Managers, so they may better focus on managing Board Projects!  Please email info@paulassociatesinc.com for Owner specific requests.  Board items should still flow to your Property Manager’s email address.

  • Automated Collection Processes – We have now automated most of our collections processes for each community.  If you would like a review to ensure it is functionally serving the Board’s best interests, please contact your Property Manager.  Boards also now have an option of reporting to credit bureaus.  Although, you must consult with your attorney prior to registering for this service.   

  • Online Voting – Have an Annual Meeting coming up?  Sign up for online voting and see if your community can meet quorum before a meeting even starts!

  • Broadcast Texting – Now available with Paul Associates!  This is a monthly added subscription at a nominal cost to the association in order to alert Owners by text message of any emergencies or reminders.

2019 Upcoming Releases

  • Automated RFP’s – We have worked with a company to automate our RFP process and will soon have the capabilities of online voting on proposals.

  • Rebranding – We are going through a huge rebranding process from a new logo, to a new website in order to offer more online services to our communities!

  • Homeowner and Board Member App – Available on iOS and Android phones and tablets. This will mirror all functions of community websites making it easier to open work orders, pay online, and access community resources.

  • Automated Weekly Updates – We will be launching weekly updates to the Board on action items and work orders in our systems, so there is more communication on where things stand.

  • Community Automation – We will be automating more of our system to keep track of important dates, annual maintenance calendars, site surveys/checklists, and management plans for your community.

  • Monthly Management Reports – We will soon be able to automate our reports for consistency in conjunction with our weekly updates and action items within our system.

  • Online Websites – We will be adding more features to our websites as they become available, including but not limited to:

    • Miscellaneous Payments (ex. Key Fobs)

    • Online Reservations for Community Amenities

    • Directory Enhancements

    • Board Approvals for Collections

  • Exploring options for AI Integrated systems to work with Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices.

If you are interested in learning more or providing feedback/suggestions, please feel free to email me directly!

Happy Spring! 

Tyler Hawes | CMCA, AMS
Vice President of Operations
Paul Associates, Inc.
6935 Wisconsin Ave. - Suite 400
Chevy Chase, MD 20815